Landscape App Rotation Problem

I know how to use all functions in single screen and this screen rotation problem will not come but as mentioned many times in this topic that i can’t use single screen because i have to use many player components in every screen to play sound simultaneously at the same time and there is a bug of u use more then 15 player components. Its also not possible to use procedure or any other extension to execute that function.

So i have to use 5-6 screen, now anyone has the solution for this or not ?

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Great that you know, so use it.:+1:

And ? Did you test it?

Yes i test it serveral times, as i told u there is a bug on player component and i can’t use single screen and these blocks are useful for single components

@Faraz_Firoz1 so do you found any solution for this problem ?

  1. Can you please tell us what problem (bug) occurs with the Player component(s) when you use virtual screens.

  2. Suggestion: make a copy of your project. Remove all but 2 screens showing the problem. Remove also all blocks except those that have something to do with the orientation (rotation) of the screens and post the aia here.

I find this

Thanks For taking interest in this topic, i have heard a lot about you, true genius.

  1. If we use more then 15 player in a single screen and play all at the same time and it show error and didn’t found some audio files. I have researched it on kodular and even many has detected this issue.

  2. Sure it will be my pleasure - TestVMI.aia (1.8 MB)

Also attaching the video once again -

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Yeah i already tried that but, its not working

Then, sorry I can not solve this

No Problem :pray:

This seems to be the same app:

Do you have two accounts with Kodular?

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No, actually just buy the aia file from him to recreate the app from myself

I made a copy of Screen2 -> Screen3 (for testing purposes):

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How did you do that ?

Did you use some extra blocks or your auto rotation is On, on your mobile phone ?

After about a year of effort on this subject, I have reached the following conclusions:
This is not a problem.
The best way to overcome this issue is to make the screen opening black, create a 700 millisecond clock sensor and when the screen is turned on; Installing all the components that need to be installed, including the language pack, to the screen opening, enabling visible components to appear on the screen at the end of 700 milliseconds. If the screen width and height will be used in the application, it should be referred to as in the picture.!

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Wow great, let me try. Have some questions-

  1. Where do i get this languagepack and its neccessary to use it ?
  2. Should i put clock timer always fire and timer enabled and timer intervel on 700 in designer mode
  3. I had to put all elements of my screen in verticalarrangement right ? ( horizontal alignment will not work for me)


IMG-20210524-WA0003 IMG-20210524-WA0004

I tried these blocks but still not working. I didn’t used the language pack because i didn’t found that one. Can you tell me where will i get that and my blocks are correct ?

While opening the new screen; Make sure everything on the page to be opened is invisible. All features to be loaded should be loaded while the screen is loading, and the clock sensor should be run at the bottom of the block while the screen is loading, and all the elements that should be open should be opened with the clock block. The language pack mentioned here was just a simple example. Of course not essential. To make the screen look stylish and to prevent the screen from automatically switching horizontally and vertically; Remember to make the screen color black at first startup. I could not find any other solution for this issue. The reason why the vertical and horizontal values ​​of the screen are defined on the clock sensor with the variables; if the width and height values ​​of the screen; If you will use it frequently in practice; This is because you need to get these values ​​after the screen gestures have been snapped. If you still can’t solve the problem; in your application; just share the file of the section where you have problems here.

Most of the time, you don’t need to open a new page. What I have written is valid for the first opening of the application and screen changes. At the same time, those who want only horizontal or vertical use in their applications experience these problems. I also realized that; this issue is a starting issue for those who are starting to program with blocks.

When this subject is overcome, a new level of programming is passed.

Please excuse me for translation english.

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Still not working, even after i add all my elements in Horizontal Arrangement - @Profi_Game
I made a test aia of 3 screen -
Screen 1 - Splash Screen that will Forward to screen 2
Screen 2 - Test Screen
Screen 3 - Test Screen
TestVMI.aia (1.8 MB)
Please check and do whatever you like to make it work.