Landscape Mode of Barcode Scanner... is possible?

Hi yall!

Is there a way to get a landscape mode of barcode scanner? Like this:



Maybe you could use an extension in which you can assign an arrangement to display scanview .When scan set screen orientation to landscape and arrangement to fill screen’s width


What @dora_paz suggested is that you change the arrangement properties when the screen orientation changes.


Thanks for the answers… I’ll try this week, I thought there was a extension made for this purpose

I just downloaded and tested the AIA of this extension and seems to me that aren’t no way to do with it. Here how it goes with simple test:

And the blocks of the extension haven’t properties to set the way I looking for:

And BTW, this extension, even with flash, just scan with very effort my bars. With the vanilla barcodescan is very much easier

There is another way? Anyone?

You could always check Extensions Directory for another extension

it is a bug, I will consider fixing it.