Language translate app issue

when i click translate button it shows Error 2202 the translation service is not available ,please try again later

Language to translate: “hi” (???)


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i want to make translater english to hindi please tell me what wrong with me

I don’t know what is wrong with you but I think I know what is wrong wit your blocks :joy:

I don’t use this translation before but It think you must change “hi” to “hindi”. Read the block description and try out a little bit. I hope someone else can help you more than me :smile:

i already try to hi to hindi but same problem

Maybe then…

Sadly Yandex Transalte doesn’t support hindi or any other indian language
Here are all the supported languages:
Using any of the non supported language will cause errors to appear

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ok thanku sir

i have a translation app of 68 language including hindi.but not for free.the solution for your problem is only with API(Yandex API).Try to get API key and then copy and paste properly.

but where i get this api key

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