Language TSPL thermal

Here in the community there are extensions for thermal printers available. But destined to ESC/POS. I was wondering if there is a possibility of any being created in the TSPL language. from what I understand, the language in TSPL creates a more pleasant impression and refinement in the presentation of what is being printed. I see it. ESC/POS mode prints photo, barcode, QrCode and text, but in receipt format and there are not many features in font size and arrangements. Already in TSPL mode, I noticed that the arrangements are better presented and a faithful copy of what is being viewed on the screen.
In case my remarks are wrong, I’d like you to explain.
So I ask the possibility of creating an extension in TSPL.

Another thing I realized, that in esc/pos language there are many factors that can lead to the non-functioning of the printer, due to various existing page codes. I believe that in TSPL in addition to a better organization of printed content, we would have no problem communicating with the printer. I would like a deeper look if possible on this.

I will insist on this theme further.
is there in the community someone who might be interested in developing an extension to communicate in tspl language?
In TSPL we would have more features among them the possibility of making custom labels and receipts more professional, because in esc/pos format, I do not think this would be possible.
What’s more, in my case, the printer can print up to 110m wide.
I can get the documentation on TSPL and the SDK kit from my POS 9210 printer, but I don’t know how to create extension.
is anyone a candidate?

I moved your thread into category #marketplace
you also might want to tell us, how much money you like to spend for someone to develop the extension for you…



I’m waiting for someone to be interested in doing it. I need you to recognize my MODEL POS 9210L printer, and be in the TSPL language. I even have the SDK KIT.

Would anyone be interested or would be able to develop an extension for Thermal Label Printer in TSPL language?

I have the SDK Kit and the PDF Label Printer Programmer