Latitude and longitude not showing

Hello everyone, I am having a trouble using location sensor. When I use latitude and longitude blocks, it just shows zero and nothing else. I read many discussions about this topic and tried to solve this issue but it didn’t got fixed.

The blocks I used.

Where is the location sensor enabled to true ??

can you tell me where to put that? I tried putting it inside ‘when button clicked’ but it didn’t worked.

Use it when screen init block

Try This Blocks

:point_up:These blocks are in the post I made above. :point_up:
@dora_paz who sent .

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Thank you so much everyone for helping me! Finally my issue got fixed!

Then set answer as solution

Hello everyone, I am facing the same issue again. It was working fine until I download the apk file.
But now again it is not showing the lat and long. It just shows blank.

This is the code which I used.

It takes some time to get coordinates especially if tested indoors

It is taking a lot of time and still not showing.