How get adreess from location sensor in kodular

I want to get adreess from location sensor with get current adress in kodular. can anyone give me blocks coding…

@Ruhul_Amin blocks (2)

Hope this helps,
For the “get location from place” you must enter a name of a place for the variable like Delhi, Chennai

Use Location_Sensor.Current Address block


@dora_paz It’s Showing “No Address Available”

@Ruhul_Amin try this

Use the when location changed block. That is the moment when your location is found and an adress can be found else it means that google map has no info for that place

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@dora_paz How to Tigger it . Means I want that Whent a Button Will Be Clicked the The Adress Will Show…
Here Is My Block
And Its Not Working At All

This is not working cause blocks are totally wrong. Try

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@dora_paz Tnx A lot …

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