Get Realtime Location From User Device

Today Is The Epic Guide Day.
I wanted to show a program Only with 4 components which gets location from the user’s like as google Search Engine.

Guide Begins Below

Only With 4 Components I Take Button To Get The Location, It is just the optional stuff.

Components Required


Designer Interface

To Get Run Solve Blocks, Sokething like this.

Stuff To Integrate This Program In Your Main App.

APK: EasyToGetLocation.apk (5.9 MB)
AIA: EasyToGetLocation.aia (23.0 KB)
Extension Used: KI04LocationSensor - Extension


Where can i find this extension?

Link Added, My mistake to not add it sorry.

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Thanks. It seems it is a Superb Extension for me :slight_smile:

Can we get the city name?

yes of course why not?

I create the address by the blocks you van seprate them as your needs.
Use Aia For More Information.

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When we use the locality
we are getting the city name

When we use Sub Locality
We are getting the area name we are at.

Fantastic Extension.

Hats Off to the Developer

Location is as fast as then APIs. Fast Method to Get Location without any API.

Excited …

Amazing Raja… Keep going … :+1::+1:

Thanks For Motivation, I am trying to make more useful guides Like This.

Clicking Button With Location Disabled:

You need to Understand the mean of the guide.
It is a guidance to Get Location Not on the permission or any kind of Location Disabled.

Nice guide @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks, It is much faster then any internet.

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I think you should better know it.
A guide should include everything.

Are you cannot understand what i guide in 1st Post?

Should we call this a guide?
Only a screenshot of designer screen and a copy paste of all blocks.

And moreover you’re not asking user to enable Location when the button is clicked. An EPIC Guide should include this.

And At least explain what blocks do.

For people like me who are lacking basic guidance

[From a PM]


You should add everything which is required to run the program perfectly on every device.
Add the essential commands to get output.

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put the latitude and longitude variables as number variables

I think the screenshot sample video or something is insufficient but I don’t think it is that bad in the guide, this guide is ideal for beginners but it can be improved :wink:

thank you


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