LocationSensor Extension. Accuracy. Geocoder. GeomagneticField

why Allow all the time permission does not show
can any one solve it !

i already use this aia and build apk
and location permission is only
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at 21.26.42

and apk install permission
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at 21.26.42 (1)

as far as I now this depends on the Android version you are using… EDIT: and “Allow All the time” is available only for Android 10, see also my tests here
so which device and Android version are you using for your tests?

PS: no need to shout here in the community…

thanks for reply dear Taifun
phone is samsung galaxy a71 -android 10
as you see i use android studio AVD (android 10) too
and same result

with this apk (

ok… it seems to be, you have to wait for an answer from @juananton1991

May be problem with the extension used in the aia. Instead of extension(kio4) use default Google apps alone to get user location

it does only show if the extension uses the permission android.permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION and as this extension is not able to run in the background, you actually do not need “Allow all the time”…


solved it by add ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION in manifest.xml
Result : Allow all the time

but a problem i have with BLE Scan in samsung android 10 while screen is off Scan Stoping

which however does not help to get the extension running in the background…

Then how can you read the location even though the application is not used?

this can be done with a service… for example my locationservice extension is able to do it…
however it currently runs only in MIT App Inventor… in Kodular we have to wait, until AndroidX libraries are supported


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Thank you very much for your input and direction. I’ll try it, good luck.

Sorry, can I try it first before buying the extension?

Then try his apk…

why can’t this extension be used on codular?

I have bought this extension but I am still confused about using it in mit app inv.
can anyone help me to make a simple arrangement?

what you mean by bought this extension is free

I mean, I have purchased this extension for $ 12

What is your query @Ayun ?? You can get users geolocation easily by using default Kodular blocks. Plenty of suggestions are available free of cost in our community

Why can’t Location Service Extension be used on Kodular?

Refer here