Lead Bolt Native Ads

How to add lead bolt native ads in app?

itz not working it work only on Android oreo

ok but where is the option for native ads in Moid?

native ads dont work for makeroid or thunkable etc

Do you use apodeal?

no i never used but i like mopub and inmobi

how is the income

is it cpm/ppc… network… how is the revenu… per click in india

i dont know but everyone says that it is best for revenue. but i want to use amazon ads becoz amazon pays you for impressions not for clicks. thats i want to add amazon ads. but every time i use amazon ads it shows no fill error and no one shared any aia or tutorial of amazon ads.

if you wan pay per 1000 immpresion den you can use start app… 40 t0 50 cent per 1000 imp.

i think i should make youtube video on start app…