Leaderboard Logic Through spreadsheet

Hi I am New On Kodular Platform So I want to Ask Something
I created An App In Which I need Leaderboard Rank
I stored My Data On Spreadsheet in a manner that in first coloumn Name and in second coloumn Points but the problem is that i can’t able to sort them from higer to lower in list view
i stored all elements in list but they are unsorted
so can anyone tell me logic that how i can sort them from higer to lower in points
Please tell me blocks which you are using to sort the problem

thank you

Do not waste your time with airtable.Kodular airtable companent is bugly. I suggest Google Play Game Services.Kodular already support it.Its free and looking good

Hi Do you have any link which shows how to set up a leaderboard with GPlay?

Thanks in advance.

You can check official kodular docs or there is a tutorial

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