Learn to make extensions

Where can I learn to make extensions?

Is there a tutorial that can tell what are the valid functions we can use?

I know java.

I did with this one.


What do you prefer - coding on the online extension building ide - https://editor.appybuilder.com/ or configuring your computer for building extensions?

I am not an expert in creating extension.
I have not used online option. I followed this tutorial and it worked 100% (in 2 notebooks)


If I code an extension for Kodular will it work for AI2 or vice versa?

Extensions aren’t coded to builder specific, any extension you create should work on every AI2 distribution.
P.S: you can use AI2 community to discuss about extension development:

Since kodular community is for discussion about kodular, also, you use their sources fir creating extensions :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, Thanks!


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