Learning ChatBot - (Need Talkative People)

Hi, my nameless (suggest a name) chatbot is under progress and learning to frame answers and give replies. It knows nothing but it can learn. Please contribute by talking to him.

I know nothing about AI and Chatbot algorithms and certainly, this is not how they are made. But it is just an experiment to learn about them.

  • He will be unable to answer, teach him the answers and he will learn.
  • As it is in progress, it will get smarter and learn to interpret sentences as time passes.

Nice start, is it connected to any database where it saves responses and other data.


I used Airtable. It stores data like it’s mood, people and their relationship with bot, places, things , unknown peoples, compliments , abuses etc. Seperately.


And how did you compare two same questions.
Who is president of america currently.
Currently who is president of america.

Did this two questions(many more with active and passive but same answer) is same for you or different.

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Yes it will give same answer. It can recognise the sense of questions even if voice or type of sentence is changed.
This is what makes it different from a simple data storage app.
Try it yourself to know more.

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You can even cross question example :
You : Bot

Who is inventer light bulb : I don’t know
Thomas Elva edision : Ok

Who is Thomas Elva edision : inventor of light bulb
Who is inventor of light bulb : Thomas Elva edision


Do you have any review on the answers being submitted. So if someone has already saved President of America as “Bill Clinton” which is not correct in present scenario, do you have the option to correct those invalid responses so that users coming next will receive correct responses.

Because accuracy of your answers will make your app more addictive and usable means users will really love to explore the capabilities.


This is one of my plan project soon. Create a bot app like this and make it an open project|source so any developer here can input a command, so the bot data will expand and make him smarter.

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I will add this soon.

Extremely nice :ok_hand:

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i also think he could add if then else and did accordingly
good try on UI
just add more information like maths formulas :sweat_smile:,etc

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Yes will add some mathematics operation.
It works this way

  1. Identify type of sentence : interrogative , imperative or assertive
  2. Indentifies what to do for example. It will get to know it has to Answer about a person
  3. Search all the data about the spefic object (person in this case)
  4. Sentences are compared and closest one is displayed. If confidence is less than 33.34% then it ask you for the answer and store it in particular table.
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what would happen if u add if else :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Thanks :relaxed:

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hi ur app is abbusive i can flag the topic
1st shot

then fun

then rage monster

i didnt like ur app u can rename it

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now worked

of it means u will add things sorry for above text but it was fun

Yes yes @Ekansh_Pandit can contribute a lot for your app. As he is a good talkative :wink:


Looks like you are saying same thing again and again to him.


Sorry if it hurts you. Sometimes it can get rude as it learns from users. I regularly remove offensive replies of chatbot.

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It is very rude
Should be flagged