Letter Spacing in Text

Is it possible to define the space between letters in text component (not word space.space between letters in a word)

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do you want to add spaces between letters in text?

Yes I want to add space between letters

have you tried anything?

please try to build some blocks and test by yourself and if you got stuck, you can show your blocks and we can help you.

and yes it is possible and it is easy to do.

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Iam asking is there any component or extension which can add space similar to CSS code h1 { letter-spacing: 3px; }

there is no method for that in Kodular, it can be made using an extension.

there is another method, you can set a font with a custom letter spacing to your Text Box.

or see this link maybe it can help:

Kodular doesn’t have any CSS components. To use CSS you need to configure the spaces within the file

Do you mean something like this:



Excellent work !!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
There is nothing more to add !!!

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Simply you can add space anywhere in the text or between words by using empty string and join text block in between your texts where you want to add space.


I don’t understand. Show an example.

Screenshot (32)

@The_K_Studio Ok, we know that this is possible. But to what extent is this a solution to the question here?

Its a simple way for a limited use.

@bodymindpower provided a best example to add word spacing.
i tried to reduce the number of blocks so i came up with this jugard and only 24 blocks

Demo is here

spacing.aia (2.4 KB)

There shouldn’t be any space at the beginning and at the end. Maybe trim the text too.

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