Light speed browser - Beta Version

I made an app called Light speed Browser with Makeroid.
Now it is in Beta testing if you want to try my bowser you can get it from here.

Browser (3).apk (5.0 MB)

Some screen shots :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions for me then you can reply to this topic !!


You have set the title bar icons wrong.
There are only the names but not the icons.
Check the correct path to the image you want to use for it.


@Mika thanks for your report I’ll update it !!

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Wasn’t it supposed to say “Cache” over there instead of “Chache” ?


I would love to see this app on the Makeroid Store


You marked it as open source. That means you have to provide the aia to. :grin::wink:


Updated the topic :zipper_mouth_face:

does it support download from web

For now answer is no !!

i Also make professional browser in makeroid but makeroid not supoort extended webviwer

If you’re gonna say that to others, you need to leave. Stop bringing down people emotions, and be nice for once. Would you like to hear your apps suck… Sure you would since you say it to others. This isnt a place where we make fun of users apps, profiles, topics, anything. But dont expect for people to be nice to you if you’re gonna be that way, dont expect me to be nice the next time you say that to someone on this community that did nothing to hurt you!