Lightning Kings Notepad++

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Lightning Kings Notepad++

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The Lightning Kings Notepad ++ is a new product developed by Lightning Kings™ that is coming to the Google Play Store in 2020. This application is the updated version of Lightning Kings Notepad with brand new features. This app can create notes, edit them & customize them. With a new updated interface, the newly revamped app is simple with powerful tools!


Splash Screen & Login Screen

Login Screen Side Navigation & Main Menu Screen

Main Menu Side Navigation & Notepad++ Screen

Notepad++ Side Navigation & Notepad++ Premium Screen

App Store/Download link:

Beta APK — Has been removed.
To view more about the app & its release view this pdf – Notepad Presentation .pdf (142.0 KB)

Summary of New Features:

This app has a ton of new features that help to improve the quality of the application. A new login screen has been redone with 2 secure login methods & a new “GooglePlayUpdate” mode added. New animated features using Lottie to help bring life to the app. Animated tutorials added to help users. For the first time, an activity feed has been implemented to the app using Firebase - Realtime Database which allows us to update the app over the air. A much-needed update to the notes feature with new tab navigations, 5 new note tabs, responsive text sizing, and a new Notepad Premium plan has been added. A new feature added was notes being saved locally to the app using Tiny DB. The setting page was slightly updated with star ratings and device information (if needed).

Potential of the App:

I truly do believe that this app has the potential to do well on the market. With a sleek dark theme design and a new updated interface, this app definitely has what it takes to be a great notepad app that people will choose over others. This app will be the first to have the new activity feed which will allow me to send upcoming news and updates about the application. This app has the potential to compete with the best.

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I have really nice mock ups and way better screenshots then these but wont post them. The attached PDF is a summary of the app. There are many cool features to that that I didn’t get to explaining yet but if you want to test the app I can give you the apk. I need all the feedback and advice I can get. Thanks guys!!

yes it seems good, you must give apk so users can try that and give there reviews about app, also they can point out any bugs.

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No one will take my app right and like publish it for themselves or call it their own?

no one did that here, but you can upload on playstore as beta app and then share link here so you will get downloads too and safety also


I decided to just attach the application to the post. Ill take it down after 30 days.

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I think your app is full of unnecessary stuff. Starting with a splash screen that takes too long to disappear. Just think what a user wants. I just need to take note of something really quick before I forget it. Your app makes me wait for the splash screen, then it starts showing all kinds of texts, help overlays, and menus until I find the right place to open a note. Sorry but it’s too distracting and bloated with things that probably no one cares about.

Instead try to just open a blank note or the last note edited when the app starts. Like right there! Boom!, I open the app and I’m already taking a note!

If the user wants to set up a pin or fingerprint, they can do it in the settings later. Make it so the user doesn’t need to learn how to use it but instead everything feels natural and intuitive.


Thanks for the feedback and I greatly appreciate it. Now looking at the app and what I’ve done I got blindsided by making it look really nice instead of what the user may want. For the splash screen ill reduce the time from 5 seconds to maybe 3 instead. For the Login Screen, I can take away the Spotlight component and add an Information Icon to the title bar and whenever someone clicks on it it will go through the tutorial instead of always showing upon opening the app. For security, I can add a password function using a notifier I believe and maybe do that. Thanks for the advice much appreciated.

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But ill add that in the next update for some of the major changes and adjust some of the small things the splash screen time and spotlight function.

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Thank you for not taking criticism as a bad thing. That’s not my intention at all and I appreciate you took it as a way of improving your app. Good luck with it.


And I have short term memory, quite literally. I could say something 10 seconds ago and I’d forget within 5, I’m not kidding.