Like C isPrint()?

Is there a function similar to the C isPrint() function? Or what is a good way to accomplish this function?

isPrint() returns true or false checking whether a character is printable. For example, I have a string that is about a dozen characters long. I would like to check each character to see if it is a printable character - like a letter (a-z or A-Z), a number (0-9), a special character ([email protected]#…), or a carriage return or linefeed.


There is a similar function in java Character.isISOControl("YOURCHARACTER");
It returns whether a character is an ISO Control Character.

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Search for regex on the community.


As said be Peter, pls search for this extension in kodular, you will find the result at the too

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Thanks all.

I ended up using regex matches from the TatumTools extension.
The regex string I used is: [[:print:]\t\n\r]{1,}
It requires all the characters in a string to be either printable, a tab, a newline, or a carriage return.

I found a very neat regex expression builder/tester/tutorial at:

My software checks about 1000 strings. It correctly rejected all but one string that contained some non-printable characters. For that string, each non-printable character displays as a mostly black character on the phone display. I don’t how to see the character codes of the few non-printable characters that are getting through.


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