Limit Image Resolution to prevent from opening

Do you have a extension to limit the image resolution? I am making Designer app (text editor with image) for a long time. I am using Image Utilities component on my app to load in High Quality. But after opening in very high quality, the app was crashing. I want to limit the open image according to it’s width and height resolution to prevent the app from crashing.

Maybe some of that will help you
image image

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Since you’re using Kodular’s Image Utilities, why not try resizing the images before they fully load into your app? This can help keep the quality without pushing your app over the edge.

You should find a block called Scale Picture to Fit (or something along those lines). It lets you set a max height and width for your images. That way, you can control the size and prevent those pesky crashes.

Also, a little tip from one developer to another - take a look at how your app is managing memory. Sometimes, the way an app handles its memory can be the real culprit behind crashes, especially with high-res images.

Ah. OK! I will be able to check it if it’s used much memory.

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