Limit images by flipper viewer

Hi guys I need to do the following system:

1- When a flipper viewer has 10 images and another is included, that another flipper viewer is created with the same measurements below it and that it includes images until it has 10 images.

NOTE: each viewer must have a maximum of 10 images, when having the 10 images and another image is included, another flipper viewer must be created automatically down with the same measurements and conditions as the previous one.

I explain it in another way:
I have an example quantity: 40 photos in the database. Then 4 flipper viewers will have to be created because in each one of them you will have to see only 10 images. In case of having 41 images then there would be 4 flipper viewers with 10 images and another flipper viewer with only 1 image, but I fulfill the condition of having a maximum of 10 images per house flipper viewer.

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