Limit text in dynamic label

Everything, I’m having trouble limiting text on dynamic labels, I’ve searched about this issue and I didn’t find anyone discussing text limits on dynamic labels or maybe I didn’t see people who have already discussed similar things, it’s just that I’ve tried and I’ve encountered an error Segment: Start (1) + length (20) - 1 exceeds text length (8 I would love it if anyone wanted to help and if there was an extension to something like this, it would be great.

Doesn’t work?

If it encounter error, read the error as I says exceeds 8 your text length is not in length of greater than 20 buy instead it was 8 only

all label data has a different number of letters, then how can I display only 20 letters for all label data

You can use"get length block" in text section of block.

can you show me a block chat

Here is the block image that i said

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haven’t I added that, just take a look back at my block

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Can you tell me what do you want to do here. I means do you want you limit text in labels not more than 20 or not leass than 20 ? Please tell me

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No more than 20

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Try using less than ‘<’ sign instead of is equals to ‘=’

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I’ve made it, thank you all


Congratulations :clap::clap::clap:

Try to reduce your blocks. Use the one local variable to catch the value and use it

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Do not spam the topic @retasbalik . Either you create a topic for you or request in the same olace. I hope the extension developer gave suggestion to you.

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