Limit User with specific function using password

Hello all,
I am trying to create an app where a specific user gets specific functions of the app. I have no idea how to do so.
I want to give a password to a user (example: 1234) and when it is entered, he is able to access specific functions of the app and so on for the others.
Some help regarding the same would be much appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing back from someone who can help.

Thank you.

in a Text Box accept the Code / Password.
and then match it with your Database.

Example -

if TextBox text = this
then open screen1
elseif TextBox text = that
then open screen2
and so on.

Keep the Codes very unique so they don’t get guessed.
And use online database to store the Codes to be entered to access the screens so they can be changed anytime by you.

Yes. Use that @ADDYLIN said.
And don’t use a lot of tags on the topic :wink:

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Okay, thank you for the reply.

I will try the same and get back to you. Also, how do I create an online database for the same?

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i meant something like Firebase Database.

User Table
1-A table with the IDs, names and password

Table Function
2- A table with the id, function name

Access Table
3- A table with Id, User Id and Function Id

When a user enters the app [Update] take the fields from the online table and save their ( fields id and all id function in database local (Sqllite).
When the user is accessing a function, look in the Access table [Sqllite Local Table ] if the user id has this authorization (function id).

Thus, it is only necessary to change the bank that the administrator is giving or canceling access to.

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Or Maybe that :


Just a heads up: Panel only lets you read data from the app. You can’t write it from the app, but you can write it from a remote dashboard.


Yes. Then from the app with extension , check whether the user has access or not.

Adm releases access using the panel.

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That makes sense. :+1:

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