Limits on number of blocks?

Hello community, I have tried to find an answer in the community and in guides and tutorials, but I have not found it. I made an app that contains a block that groups +1,000 blocks (dynamic components), this app does not complete the execution of the big block on some devices (it does not load some images, for example). Any tips to evaluate the amount of codes ( or blocks or MB) accepted for a process in small or medium smartphones? Thanks!

Hello, maybe worth checking the Dynamic Components Extension, this extension can create any component and you can create a schema with JSON with just a few blocks, that can reduce a lot the amount of blocks.

Thanks Gabriel. (obrigado). I will investigate on creating a schema in json. In my advance I see that perhaps it is not the large number of blocks that prevents the loading of images. I may have to process the images previously to reduce weight, losing quality and facilitating uploading, avoiding the problem of not loading :+1:

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I Also wonder too… :grin:

My pc become LAG,
I used Most Dynamic Component also lot of Variable.
but output file size is small not more than 10mb…Hope this will be fine