Linear Progress bar integrated with clock?

Can I integrate clock with linear progress bar for a Quiz? I want to show the linear progress bar as a timer for the quiz.

For example. I want to show progress bar for 5 min quiz. So can I show the continuous progress for 5 min.

I searched on the community but most of the post are related to circular progress bar. I want to show the linear progress bar for a quiz.

Why don’t you use HA with width percentage
integrated with clock interval for about 5min?

Will that work? I did not try.

So shall I replace the progress bar with HA in the same above blocks?

Most of the people will use custom linear notifier only. Beacuse we can give best UI for that

What is custom linear notifier?

First set one ha with width as 0% in the init stage

Once quiz starts set ha width percetage as progrss value

I will try this.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Also you can change the color once it touches particular value, etc etc

but to show the progress we need clock too right?
like for every few sec increase width of HA by few %

In 5 min 300 second is there

Set clock interval as 1000(1sec)

Once quiz starts
Set clock timer enabled to true

When clock timers
Set Ha widhth to ha width percent +0.33

So on 5min completion , 300*0.33=99%

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I used timer always fires to true
and increased width accordingly.


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And don’t forget to timer always enabled to false when the timer reaches 5min

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i used 2 HA
when inner HA width = outer HA width then timer always fires false else increase width

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