Link css and js files in HTML for webview component?

how to link CSS and js files in HTML and that will be shown in webview component?

You make those files assets, and specify their path/name as URL for the webviewer.

i have uploaded all files in assets…can you tell me that i am correctly write the code ?

That depends if the files are exactly found at the current location (path).
But I am unsure about the naming. Some systems have an issue with multiple periods in a file name, consider naming your file “jquery_min.js” and “bootstrap_bundle_min.js” with underscores instead of full stops.

not understandable answer.

I mean if your files need to have a complete path to be found.

Normally, the path to find an asset file is file:///android_asset/my_file.js

if you are saying this way…i have already tried it but doesn’t work.

Read the following:

Note that each example is adding type=“text/javascript” to the specification.