Link for list picker and airtable

I try to make an mp3 player using airtable and list picker. It works, but what I would like is that in list picker only the name of the song appears and not the link. have a solution thank you

in fact I want to see the name of the mp3 in list picker and play the link in the player. thank you

Maybe you could do something like this

super its work very well thank you

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airtable connection problem, I have to click 2 times to see my links displayed

i am also facing same problem trying to load data first time from airtable need more time for app i am trying to find solution to load my problem i need to disconnect and reconnect to network to load data from airtable to my app after that only working that’s quite annoying

Can you use TinyDB.
Don’t need every time link with airtable when use TinyDB.
If any row updated then only sync with Airtable by using block get all row.

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i have 10 base and every base 10 table with 5 coloum it will difficult to store it in tiny db

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Yes. wait someone help you.
Can anybody tell it is possible with using @vknow360 File Tools Extension?

What you get when click 1time ? It is previous link?

screen black

Make sure, when ListView after Picking, Select list item list and selection index are working proper by using another component Label, Notifier etc… If it is true then check with ExoPlayer.

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it still doesn’t work, look at the picture above that’s exactly what i did


go to designer and see have u placed airtable component spreedsheet 1

still no one to help me, i tried several things but i still haven’t arrived. when i click on listpicker i first have a black screen then by clicking again on listpicker the names appear.

Use 2 Airtable Spreadsheet and then try