Link Image Load Problem

Hello, I’m working on an app which loads only one image from provided link and its not showing in my app.

I have gone through this community previous posts but no solution found yet

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Sharing my block with you guys so that I can get some help on this issue.

Please note the link is working on the browser

Why don’t you show the provided link?


if it is not working then use it in asset then it will work

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Hi Peter,

I thought its not safe to show my image link.
I have tried with google image links, drive image links, my free host uploaded image link etc but its not working at all.

Sharing a google drive link to test.

I have tested with the above link and its again not working

Same link is working with other project without Image Utility component.
BTW thanks for the reply

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I need show images with dynamic links.
I mean to say on single image component I want to change images as per user profiles

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Try uploading this image to this image hosting and get it’s direct url and try to show image form that link

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here is the link
2G8aKmvS — ImgBB

Yes this worked

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Mark solution if you got your solution

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You must set embedded link to direct link

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This is not the solution.

here my query/question is the same llink is working on my other user app and its not working on admin app. Why?

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Show blocks

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is the same block

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Direct link is like this

And viewer link is like this
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Show me image let me check

Is this you block ??

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Here is the block

When we upload the image its says it will delete after some time

No set it to this while uploading

And then

Link Image Load Problem - #16 by pocketrestro is this link working for you ?

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@pocketrestro see this video this links works great


Tried your link but its not working… Check the video

I don’t this its a link issue this due something in aia file issue.

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