Link System In Description

That’s great idea …:clap::clap:

But i want to show description in a one label, not more…

Because, if in a description have a link in a center then, so i want show there… Not bottom…
Like a Facebook description system…

Can this possible in kodular…?

this is absolutely possible… but may seem hard for you

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Please give me idea… For creating this system…

Try using Web Viewer.
Create an HTML File and add it in load html block.
For Links the HTML Tag is

<a href="">YouTube</a>

which will be appear and function like this.


If you want to add text in Description Read this

HTML ignores things which cannot be recognized by it as text.
For example if you add
As it is not a html tag it ignores and gives only the text but if you give the HTML Tag or element or attributes like
<a href="">YouTube</a>
It functions that unless preformatted.

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Thanks for the suggestions…

I will try… :pray::pray::pray:

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The problem is how to detect a link in a text which contains both non-html and links text, something like that, your explanation above would
t work as you would’t always the person to provide a youtube link all the time

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I would give you the solution after sometimes as i’m currently busy

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Can You please Elaborate.

Yes HTML detects links

Didn’t you see what I mentioned above

Did you try, did it worked?

  • When the user posts the message save the HTML.

  • Remember to set the zoom to false for web viewer so that the user thinks that user will not get to know that’s a web viewer.

  • For Links, add a button, when they press it show two textboxes and set the blocks as given below.

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@Chirubot Nice Idea…

But I want a system where the link from the description will be searched automatically and then stored in html format.

This means that when a user posts a description, everything should be checked before storing the description …

So if there is a link in the description then this description should be replaced again …

Understand exactly what I mean …:point_down::point_down:

Description Example :

Hello I am Devloper, so if u want to learn app development so visit my site this is my official website visit now.

Have a link in the above description ( This link should be automatically detected and then the entire description should be replaced …

Description should be replaced in such a way that …:point_down::point_down::point_down:

If there is a have a link in the description, it should be replaced by Google in the same way, only the link should be in the html code.

In this way …:point_down::point_down:
Replaced description:

HTML Format

Hello I am Devloper, so if u want to learn app development so visit my site Google this is my official website visit now.

And when all this is done, this description should be in html format and stored in the database.

Can this happen …?

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Look at this … :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Kodular has automatically detected the link and tag.

I have informed already.

You can do something like this

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thanks for the valuable suggestion…
I will try…
And thanks to all… :pray::pray::pray:

Yeah, and i promised to give you the solution soon, i think this other guy don’t understand your point but i do and i would give you this logic as soon as i get the chance to do so.

you want system that we work just like our comment here? (Auto detect and format links and other text).

what @hirubot said here would only work if the link would always be at the top of the description or any where elese (which would not be the user/writer desire). and hence not good

@Learn_Engineering :pray::pray::pray:

I am waiting for this guidance.
Hope you get it done as soon as possible.
And you know exactly what I’m talking about … So, thanks …

Please Refer the Video of my suggestion. I understand this is what @Mr_PRAKASH_THUL is requesting.


When I clicked “link for Kodular” it redirected to Kodular Home

AIA File also attached
Link_Sysytem_Description.aia (4.1 KB)

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i guess it is easy to make

Yes, But the Text in Web viewer is very small so I had to add Java Script to it and even it will help Koders who don’t know to add links in HTML.


yep u are right

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The suggestion you have given me is a great option to show the link in the description.

But if the user is copying and pasting this description (text) from WhatsApp or anywhere else and there is a link in this description, then the user will have some problems …

You have to separate the link and paste it in the link text box again …

But if there was such a system …
For example, if a user pastes a description and there is a link in it, then it should be automatically detected and it should come in the link (link text box), this will make it easier for the user…

But thank you so much for the suggestion you made … :pray::pray:

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