Link System In Description


I am created Post app and user can also upload images and descriptions ( Text ). And i am used label Component for showing user description.

I want to make like Facebook descriptions system.

when user write post and have a link in a there description then how can I show link in description component… How can i set there specific text(link) clickable from description.

Can this possible…?

Yes, this is possible. Enable HTML for the label you are using. To add link in the label, <a href=" *url* "> *link text* </a>

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Ok thanks… I wil try

All you need is use Web viewer to load HTML (your text) and not labels… then set Web viewer to use external browser.

label can’t do that job.

PS Always programmatically change their links to a well formed HTML format, by adding​:point_down:


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Label are apparently used for the clickable link :^)

and also make an underline text or different color for text so that users may understand

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How can I do it… I am used only 1 label for showing description…

can u pls show wat have u done so that i can guide u further @Mr_PRAKASH_THUL

what about having more than one link in description?

the webviewer is the best solution according to me. Labels will only make it more complex

Because I think he will now have to add activity starter for such link with label… but webviewer would do this without any code, but just be checking “use external browser” in designer of webviewer… But when you intend to use dynamic component, then you may need to declare that also.


I am making Post App. And User also upload there post (Description and Image’s)
See this image… :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Description showing in lable componate. And if have a link in description, so I want to set this link clickable only for specific Text (example link :https//

Like Facebook Descriptions System … :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Hope if you understand…
Please Guide me…

when you clicked that label did it open in external?

you need to set it too… but using Web viewer is more easier.


*First make the description in a formatted HTML style.

  • Secondly set Web viewer to use external browser

  • Then attach that text(HTML format) to Web view socket for load HTML.

  • Click any link from that HTML and see its result.

If you think label is best… then go ahead​:v:


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Ok… Thanks a lot for the guidance…

Can this possible…?

I want the text to be in HTML format when the user posts the description. This means that if there is a link in the text, it should be automatically detected and converted to html format and after store html text in fierbase.

And this html file should be shown in Web viewer … So that if there is a link in the description, it will be clickable

If HTML is not working properly then you can try this:

You can use a seperate label just for link and show it just below the description.

Set it as clickable and text colour to blue or pink to make it looks like a link.

This label can be optional, if user has a link then he can provide it separately and you have to make a condition if link label text is not empty then make it visible otherwise keep it invisible.

You can also use activity starter but that would be complicated

For underline property, there is an extension

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That’s great idea …:clap::clap:

But i want to show description in a one label, not more…

Because, if in a description have a link in a center then, so i want show there… Not bottom…
Like a Facebook description system…

Can this possible in kodular…?


Thanks suggesting…

Great Extension for lable propertys… :pray::pray:

You can get the text from the list, and set the activity starter to that text and it would open in an external browser


Yes… Right, but there are a some problem…

Label will be completely clickable. I don’t want this

I want the link in the label to be clickable only, not the full label


Just add another Label beside it.
It won’t create too much difference.
As I know while clicking, labels doesn’t show the touch color.

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