Linking/Sharing Firebase DB App

Looking for some estimates for an app that stores data in a firebase db, but then has the ability to share/link that db with another user they choose.
App is basically like a review type app, where you have name, description, date, location, picture and rating. You save and search for your information in your own db, but then a friend also has the app with their own db and then you have the option to “link” you and your friends db together so that you can search each others reviews.

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I took a lot of time into learning about the firebase I can probably help you ill give it a shot. Whats your code so far? If you do post a picture of your blocks, blur out the firebase information you put in.

I never got the firebase part done. I first got it mostly functional using local DB just to see how stuff worked and it was easier based on the the other projects I stole from :slight_smile:
So i have to start the firebase part but then realized the next big hurdle is to figure out how to share or what method is needed etc.