Links not working

I checked the builder and the website for wrong URLs. This is my list so far.

Builder: Help --> Release Notes. Pointing to page doesn’t exist. Should point to

Builder: Help --> Companion information. Pointing to http://builder.makeroid.tkhttps// Should point to the latest hockeyapp, in this case Companion – HockeyApp

Builder: Help --> Update companion. Get this error message.

Builder: Help --> Show Splash Screen. Pointing to page doesn’t exist. Should point to

Builder - Designer screen:
Everytime you press a learn more link you are directed to a page that doesn’t exist. For example Solution: point it to

Websitepage: The link to App Inventor gives a safety warning. Pointing it to MIT App Inventor | Explore MIT App Inventor should work.

All the rest seems to work as should be.

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Wow. Its because we used https before, but that didnt work. We will fix this ASAP

This was corrected the wrong way. You used a link with https and it should be http.

I think it’s fixed now

Fixed now, and it doesn’t matter a lot because it’s forwarding to HockeyApp
Also, it can be used as a shortener because it’s easier to memorize

I think it’s already fixed

The other ones will be fixed now :+1:

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