Linux shell: Execute linux commands!

(Robert Crum) #1

I sucessfully created my first app, a linux terminal emulator, named Shell.


It is a simple shell app which support many commands, but not all. It can depends on your Android version too.


Screenshot_2019-01-01_14-50-45 Screenshot_2019-01-01_14-54-32

App Store/Download link:

You can download it here , I don’t published it to any store yet…

AIA file: It was easy to create this app so I don’t provide you the AIA file. That was created with a shell component(experimental tab).

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #2

It also depends on whether you have Busybox applets installed, if I’m not wrong. I’m on rooted Android Pie with Busybox 1.29.2 Stericson.