List from csv table to tinyDB doesn't work properly

Hi everyone!

I want to store csv table file on multiple tinyDB tag using file component and I have some trouble with it!

At first, I stored a csv table file with 8 rows and 240 columns per rows for a Quiz without problem. I just wanted to add more content before publish my app, everything worked without issue.

Then I tried to add content with loading larger file opening app with 16 rows instead of 8 rows and I had the error “list index too large”: impossible to load and store all file items with one csv file (because of too many rows?).

So I tried to do so in 2 parts, with 2 files with 8 rows: no error but the problem is that lists from different files are mix randomly together among tinyDB tags and I don’t know why…

What am I doing wrong? Is there a solution ?


Thank you in advance.

make sure to always have the same number of columns
probably you are using a comma inside the text? Remember, a comma is used as column delimiter
also make sure to not have an empty row as last row inside the csv file


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Indeed, I had less columns with rows 9-16 than 1-8 and I just tried filling empty columns to see and it works properly!

Meanwhile I found another manner working using one file component and one list every csv file, but your manner is way better, thank you!

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