List from CVS Table

When I put list elements after cvs file read, it show me elements in list view with bows.
How can I remove bows from elements? Any Idea?

Please show your relevant blocks

It is either a csv row or a csv table, which is it? Show some example data also.

Sorry. It is list from cvs table.

I am guessing you have a single column, with each entry in a different row, so you do indeed have a table, which is converted to a list of lists. You therefore need to select item index 1 from each item of your list, add these to a local variable list, then set the listview elements to that local list.


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Really Thanks a lot. Yes csv file contains one columns and 7 rows.
If I put CVS file to be reverse, I mean 1 row and 7 columns, what I do? Can I make list from CVS row?


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