[List] How to list values from a json file?


I have a json file with the following parameters:

“book”: “bk1”,
“name”: “Book 1”,
“phrases”: [
[“Phrase 1”, “Phrase 2”, “Phrase 3”],
[“Phrase 1”, “Phrase 2”, “Phrase 3”, “Phrase 4”],
[“Phrase 1”, “Phrase 2”]

}, {
“book”: “bk2”,
“name”: “Book 2”,
“phrases”: [
[“Phrase 1”],
[“Phrase 1”, “Phrase 2”, “Phrase 3”],
[“Phrase 1”, “Phrase 2”, “Phrase 3”, “Phrase 4”]

I need to list the “book” values, and the “name” values, in order to click on the selection and show the text!

I’m using JSONTools, but I don’t know how to list the values in the screen, in order to be able to choose a book name (and show to text)!

Can you give me some ideas about how to do it?

Thank you!

Well that is not a valid JSON,

If you want to keep it private, send me the JSON private

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@cian, I sent you the file by private message!

Something similar happens to me, I was doing tests with the Deezer API, correctly obtaining data from a single song / album, but when I use the search function I see values ​​from other songs, I tried with the block “For each number …” But it does not work

Do It Result:

 {"data":[{"id":684717392,"readable":true,"title":"Te Olvidar\u00e9","title_short":"Te Olvidar\u00e9","title_version":"","link":"https:\/\/www.deezer.com\/track\/684717392","duration":185,"rank":808461,"explicit_lyrics":false,"explicit_content_lyrics":0,"explicit_content_cover":2,"preview":"https:\/\/cdns-preview-0.dzcdn.net\/stream\/c-030cf39ca87c38b4a329f3250698571b-3.mp3","artist":{"id":50657232,"name":"Mya","link":"https:\/\/www.deezer.com\/artist\/50657232","picture":"https:\/\/api.deezer.com\/artist\/50657232\/image","picture_small":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/artist\/014d8151444891014c8f7169b83b3434\/56x56-000000-80-0-0.jpg","picture_medium":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/artist\/014d8151444891014c8f7169b83b3434\/250x250-000000-80-0-0.jpg","picture_big":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/artist\/014d8151444891014c8f7169b83b3434\/500x500-000000-80-0-0.jpg","picture_xl":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/artist\/014d8151444891014c8f7169b83b3434\/1000x1000-000000-80-0-0.jpg","tracklist":"https:\/\/api.deezer.com\/artist\/50657232\/top?limit=50","type":"artist"},"album":{"id":97967742,"title":"Te Olvidar\u00e9","cover":"https:\/\/api.deezer.com\/album\/97967742\/image","cover_small":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/cover\/aae36e06b6d7f3d2663a539ff39c8f16\/56x56-000000-80-0-0.jpg","cover_medium":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/cover\/aae36e06b6d7f3d2663a539ff39c8f16\/250x250-000000-80-0-0.jpg","cover_big":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/cover\/aae36e06b6d7f3d2663a539ff39c8f16\/500x500-000000-80-0-0.jpg","cover_xl":"https:\/\/cdns-images.dzcdn.net\/images\/cover\/aae36e06b6d7f3d2663a539ff39c8f16\/1000x1000-000000-80-0-0.jpg","tracklist":"https:\/\/api.deezer.com\/album\/97967742\/tracks","type":"album"},"type":"track"}],"total":1}

Your JSON is not valid.
Check it here:-

The JSON is fine, I made an application for Ubuntu (Linux) with exactly the same API and it works perfectly

Being a search in the case of the example maybe returns the values ​​as a list, and I have not succeeded in having the extension return the values ​​of the search in a list

But it works well with individual values, like a single song

May be you are right.
But why JSON is not decoding?
Also can you show blocks?