List just 10 items in list or limit list size

I’m downloading a spreadsheet in CSV format, and showing them my app, but when have 100+ itens in list, the app have lags, so I want to display just 10 itens of a list instead all list how i’m doing. How to do this in blocks?

what you are doing looks a bit cumbersome…
can you provide a sample csv table (let’s say with 2 rows)
my guess is you can remove all the replace all blocks and also the list from csv row blocks…

This way is working, but with all datas of spreadsheet, I just want to limit size of the list, and show in app just 10, because when have 100+ items in list view, have some lags with app.
the replaces of the blocks are to remove the parentheses coming along with the data

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use the for each from to loop
to remove brackets is not necessary if you work correctly with lists…

worked with just an if to check the counter number, when excceds 10, the break the loop

How you done this?