List of component names

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Where can I find the full list of component names? Like for example, the cardview, we call it MakeroidCardView

A vertical arrangement is VerticalArrangement. etc…

And if possible, the list for the parameters as well, that would be great!


Thanks !

For example, I can’t center my elements, with AlignVertical and AlignHorizontal, what should I put?

Thanks !

In such case drag such element into your designer part and note down the relevant values from the property side …

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For the element name, I found a solution, I do a Do It on the element block, and I have its name

Also you can use the component container too instead of the name


Yes, i make a Do it on the component :smiley: Thank you :slight_smile:

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But if one day, someone has the courage to create a guide with all the names and properties listed, it would save time!

We can use the properties of any component which were given in the designer part property side only … Other properties are hard to define…

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