List of Date between start and end date

i want get a list of date like

(2022-10-09 2022-10-10 2022-10-11 2022-10-12 2022-10-13)

if i select start date as 2022-10-09 and
end date as 2022-10-13…any one know…help me

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Use 1.length of list block 2. Select list item

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please elaborate

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You can use for each number block

can you provide example blocks?

finally i got the solution…thanks for all

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also you can ry tis format too, BTW you have not mentioned you are using date picker in the first post



thanks…is it work on both conditions(is first date before second date or is first date after second date)?

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Well in the above blocks too you can add if then else in by place.

If start is greater than end then 8640000 or -86400000


thanks for your valuable solution…

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