List view Blocks

I need to add the state and District in two list view.

I don’t prefer spinner.

Somebody help me with the block please


. Show us what you tried.


Drag Two Listview In Two Vertical Scroll Arrangement And Add Your State And District And Show It Using Custom Message

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I just wanted to make a blood donation app., So I want to store the user data and show the data to another screen.
Register donor and search donor.
Here are the blocks that I’m using. I can’t complete the search donor blocks.

This is a Great Guide :

the data is stored but i cant view it. help me to build it.

the goal is district and places in list picker, when we submit the data will store to firebase.
and in other screen we select a district in a list picker need to show the places in a list picker when we click to submit the details will show to the list view

screen 1
list picker1= districts
list picker2= place, via make a list
submit button

screen 2
list picker1 district to select
list picker2 place to select

Is it the same subject?

yes dear. can you help me please