List view doesn't show icons in font awesome or material icons fonts

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Displaying icons in listview with material icons, font awesome, fon awesome 5 (regular), font awesome 5 (solid) appears to be broken even if HTML Format is checked.

Steps to reproduce the issue

add listview
select font awesome or any font specified above
type any code of icon to Elements from string textbox. for ex: & # x f 1 e b ; (without spaces)
check HTML Format from advanced properties

Expected Behaviour

Shows wifi icon

Actual Behaviour

shows a box

Show your Blocks

A block example is not required to reproduce this bug

Android version

This seems to apply to all Android versions.

Have you tested it in apk or only with companion ?

I have tested with companion because I could not export the apk due to error in build system of kodular.
But the problem is only in list view. I can display the icons in labels without any problem.
If I add the font awesome externally as asset, list view starts to display icons. Disadvantage of this method is that list view behaves laggy while scrolling. In default font, there is no lag problem while scrolling.
“List view Image and Text” also displays the icons without any problem.

Edit: I finally tested with apk. The problem still exists.

Any idea for this bug?