List View Image and Text does not work on 4.4

List View Image and Text does not work on 4.4 kitkat! If you use the add a item to the list element, the application crashes. I hope the problem will be solved and the service will be better! Thank you in advance.

Show your blocks and maybe post a small as possible sample aia that shows the issue.

If the application has this block, then it collapses when you first interact with it (android 4.4). In my case, the application does not launch the saver further and displays the message: The application is stopped (OK).

Please share a apk.
Maybe @Sander can then look into the problem

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Please write some steps to reproduce the bug.
I can open the apk without crash

Samsung gt-i9300i, android 4.4.4. When I launch the installed application on the smartphone, after the splash screen, the message “application N suspended” is displayed. If I remove the “add a item to the list” block, then it works. Also with the addition of elements from the list.
On Android 7, everything works well.

With this “test” application also. Please, if possible, check its launch on such a device. If all is well, then perhaps the problem is in the smartphone. :frowning:
Close the topic …

test.aia (4.7 КБ)