List view image and text from google sheet

hi everyone…

i have problem with my project. its about show my db at google sheet to list view image.

here the result

then i want to show detailed item when i click on it.

its work for other detailed, but not the image.

its block when initialize

here is block after got text (show item in list view)

and last block when click the item list (show the item detail)

and this for database

for link image im using cloudinary.

thanks before… :bowing_man:

The way how did you use select list item list for certain labels likewise try the same pattern for image too , instead of using get image

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i have tried…but it is not show the image

Remove the second set image 3 picture to get image and try also make sure you have added inage3 component in that vertical also visible is marked

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same result …it wont shown the image…

i have try to test add component image4 and when i click the item list set image4 picture to get image or select list item…it same result

here the result,still wont show the image

the problem is pixel size i hope, first set it with automatic instead of 100px in width and height , once you confirm it is visible then you can adjust it…

always first confirm the out put then adjust the pixel

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Try To Use Image Utilities Component to Show Images It Will work Perfectly use Same Blocks

Set Component : image1 component
And path : the picture ( image )


thankyou for the effort my friend…god bless you :palms_up_together:


Nice to hear and thanks a lot…

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its a great solution my friend… :star_struck: thankyou so much for the solution…it now shown the image…god bless you… :palms_up_together:

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