List view in firebase

Please help me assemble or correct these blocks the right way. I’m making some adjustments here but the error still occurs.

Pm me se will talk there

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excuse me. but I did not understand. rsrss

I have these blocks where I call on the app screen some of.

In my database (firebase) I have these 2 tags.

In the IVAN tag was added at the end of the list 2 more items as you can see.
Already in the tag NATALINO there are the 10 items registered initially.
In this block above, when I click on the IVAN tag everything is ok, but when I click on the NATALINO tag it gives me this error.

What could be wrong?
The error is occurring in these blocks circled in red.


you are getting index wrong

As well @ImranTariq? because I am not informing the index.

What do I have to do to help correctly?

first let me understand why you are comparing this? select list item = create empty list?

In the IVAN tag, where I added in the final list 2 more items, this one is working, according to the last part of the blocks.
But the problem is in the NATALINO tag, where it was not added in an item. And when I try to bring some items to the screen, it gives me this error that I posted above.

Each tag has 10 items.
Where can I include 2 more items at the end of it.
When I add these 2 items to the tag it works. But when I don’t add, that is, I leave only the 10 items in the tag gives me the error.
This is what is happening

this whole part is a mess , i really dont understand how you are showing data and why you are using list in list, and where you need an index like 1 2 3 there you are using length of list, that is not correct, index cant be length of list,

This list compliance was the only way I could get the items that were added later at the bottom of the list. See the print I put in the IVAN tag.

then you can compare like, if length of list value > 10 or =12 then show , else not

I am having trouble setting up this operation. I would have to use the SE, SO, NO?

let me check it your aia, wait,

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ok I’ll wait.

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hope this one you wants, both of these, try them

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I will take the test here. If all goes well I’ll be back here to talk. Thank you friend

working for me and i am getting data, hope works for you also, if works then mark that as solution and close topic,

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Hi @ImranTariq
Thanks so much for the help now it worked. My problem has been resolved. The topic can be closed.

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