List view is not showing more than nine items.Can anybody tell where's the problem and how to handle this problem?

Here’s the problem.I tried to add 12 items to the list view but the list view is showing not more than nine items.I checked the code and retried multiple items but can’t do anything.
Sorry,I’m not able to show the output since the screenshot of the companion is not loading here.The vertical arrangement is in scrollable mode but even though the list view is not showing more than nine items.What to do?Where’s the problem.Please Someone help.

Could not replicate your problem. Works fine for me

Can you then suggest something what should I do now??
Any other suggestions of anyone?

Post a sample aia that shows your problem in order to test it

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Here’s the sample aia… (1.8 KB)

Un check set Sceen to scrollable since you are using a VSArrangement and it will work fine

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But it didn’t work still

Works fine for me. In order to test it I added a number in front of text