List View is not Working After the Update

Hello so I was Working to Create a News App. Before the Update it’s working Perfectly Good, but after the Update, The List View isn’t working. I waited for almost 30 Minutes but still didn’t load up. I check my Blocks and theres nothing Wrong with it, I check my Airtable Spreadsheet app ID and Base ID, Table Name, All Correct. I don’t know how to fix it.

Here is my Blocks


Thank You!

Have you checked if airtable database contains empty cells or rows ?

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No problem with the procedure… problem is there with your airtable api key , base id, table name… also mainly as dora said, it should not have any empty row

BTW . When clock timers you must set clock timer to false but you didn’t add it.

Unwantedly you have added the same blocks in screen inita and when images got column … you can remove it

Update is no where connected with list view

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No matter what the issue is. Just want to blame the new update.


Yes I already Added 5 News there

It’s true. I can use the App Perfectly before the Update. Even the Surface View is Working Fine before. But I don’t know why even the Surfaceview isnt Working Good too

By the way where do you enable clock comp? Is it enabled from properties section?

The Clock1 is for the Slider Images to Show Next News Image

Check your DB config.

@Benedict_Peralta , see, we follow this method so far, and find no issue… as we said earlier please check your base id, api key, table name… especially the airtable account…

Can’t find the “call Web1.JSON Text Decode”

is the val1 is your Airtable Row?

Have you checked what Dora said above? Do you have an empty cell in your table. Can you post a screenshot of your database here?

Nope, I don’t have an Extra or Empty Cell

Can you please post?

okie wait ill do the Screenshot

Here it is


I’m your blocks,
You used to get Title column → New column → Time column → Category column → Views column → Image column.

But there is only three columns in table. Are the others column are fetched from another table. Can you explain this?

If one column take 2sec to be fetched then you app is going to stuck almost 12 second to load data. Instead of using Get Column, use Get All Rows and extract the column from its response as Gowri sankar done above.

oh Which I mean I test it on Another Table but still not working

here is my Original Table

It is given in web component. Just search(find it in connectivity) and add it in designer. You need not to add multiple spreadsheet blocks, sometime it will give you error. Better always go with single spreadsheet , above method won’t give you any trouble