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Hello can someone please help me

i want to make an list view in which it have to add 5 more items in list but whenever i click on next it add items but not as i want

First 5 Items in list

After clicking next the next items aded like this

i also add aia file More_List.aia (3.5 KB)

Show your blocks.

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this happens because you are adding a list. try to use select items in the second block of add items.

also check the block set global list. try select items List 5 instead of get List 5.

can you do this with aia file wchich i upload ?

here you are. define First 5 as global. and delete global list you dont need it
good luck

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it works fine

why these blocks are blank ?

can u send aia file here ?

The blocks are not blank.They are disabled means they are of no work.

You can also do that just by seeing blocks.It is not so hard to do.

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Thank You it is working

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