List View Not Able To Remove Scroll (Need It To being show on all screen)

as you see in the bottom of the image
the list view have scroll inside of itself
below subTask Label
i want it to have the screen scroll to get there
not to scroll inside the the live view itself
i hope i explain myself good
thanks for everyone who will help

Have you set screen to scrollable?

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no but i tired with and it doesnt do anything different

You can not scroll the arrangement by listview. ListView is meant to scroll only lists and not arrangement. :slight_smile:

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Yea But How Do I Make List Of Items
That Inside Arrangement And I Spread To It All
like Height Fill Parent
All What List View Does Is Like making Vertical Scroll Arrangement And Then Put The Actual List View Inside So It’s Scroll Inside And Not Spread To The Arrangement that handle it

Put the vertical arrangement and the arrangement in which you put list view inside one vertical arrangement. It’ll work. :slight_smile: