List view Not in Order Help!

My List view results are not in order
please take a look at my Blocks if their is any Error

If you can help with it let me know
i will send you the aia file

Did you by any chance forget to attach your blocks?:sweat_smile:

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Block attached

This might help you

Not helpful but thanks

Probably you’re trying to do something else, I must say.

Am just trying to list it in Ascending order

Read the documentation that @Vishwas pointed you to.

Now that I take a second look at the docs, I think the changes should come from our side as the orderBy method is not a rule as such.

For now, the OP can sort the result list either by writing a custom sorting procedure with blocks or by using one of the many list utilities extensions

The documentation is of no use

i also noticed that as well
How can i use the list utilities block to make it in ascending order?

New Problem…
i need my new post to be at the Top
How can i make that happen?

What does your Firebase database look like?

Any solutions to the problem

It looks like you will have to convert the fetched results to a JSON array and use the WebViewer’s evaluate JavaScript block to sort the JSON.

It doesn’t look like any current extension is capable of sorting mixed-type lists.

i was able to fix it using List utilities

Hi @dannygravity7
How did you get your database in ascending order?

Database wasn’t the problem
There was no Sorting order on my blocks
i had to use a List utilities tools

Kidular blocks or include?

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