List view selection to list

I created 100 dynamic list view each list view having four element like A,B, C, D, E

And i also have a globallist having 100 index values

When any list view selection done i want to store the listview selectio in to the list having 100 index values… Means if dynamic list view 1 after selection the selection value is replaced in global list index 1

For example global list items are 1,2,3,4,5

When i select listview 1 selection option A

then A stored in global list at the index value 1

In the above exmple if i select. List1 A option

Then the Global. List will be A,2,3,4,5

replaced the global. List index value by list view selection

I think you have to explain better your project and also study a little the base of the code . Variable , list, condition are very important for all projects. Then try something yourself and when you have a problem you can ask community to fix it .
100 listview I think is a little strange :sweat_smile:

100 list view as question option thats why

Create a card view
In card view create a label =Question Number

create a list view having options A, B,C, D

Is a quiz game ? You made a search in teh community?

Anyway. Are you using default dynamic component or an extension? You don’t need to replace an item in a list of 100 numbers , you don’t need numbers, every item in a list have a index , you have to got the index of dynamic component and save value with list block.
Select list item with index (index is the same of the dynamic component) in this way you will have a list from 1 to 100 with the clicked values

  1. get index value of the clicked dynamic component id
  2. use this block to replace the selected index into selected option image

list ==> global list
index ==> id the clicked dyna com (it must have only number other part just remove it)
replacement ==> clicked option