List view sorting

I am making a project with a list view. I want to sort items by the time modified. What block can I use?

I am sorry if the question has already been answered.

Convert the date to milliseconds or seconds, and then sort from lowest to greatest or opposite.

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@ontstudios Thank you, but shall I use this block?

clock.Make Instant From Millis

Yeah you can.first store time of creating column.& then use this block for each item in list.which database u r using

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Thank you so much too! I am using Tiny DB

@msr79526 @Mateja I still don’t know what block should i use to sort except the get mills block…

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    Kodular Utility Blocks
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Really?! I am so sorry about this. I searched the community for the whole afternoon. Maybe my keywords are wrong…

Sure, you would’ve found plenty of topics.

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