List word filter

I’m building an application and I need to filter the items in my list by word / letters.

That is, for each letter that I type in the search field, I would have to filter and search for items in the order of the letters.

It’s worth remembering that I’m looking for the list in firebase.
I’ve tried some ways to filter the list, but it didn’t work because you first have to search the list in firebase to filter it later.

Here’s an example of my blocks.

Show ur fb structure

I’m trying to do this with this search filter template.

But the idea is to search the firebase list, list each item, so that I can search the filter for the item among all searched in firebase.

and as you type the letter, it will show the items.


search (2).aia (201.7 KB)

Test this

search(2).aia (201.6 KB)

Phase extension is not fit in companion, as it throws not supporting error… Need to check it up so i kept the relevant blocks apart

Now working as expected in both screens

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