Listeners peak audience listview online & offline

Hello Makeroid Community

I have created the Radio Online App but I am stuck on one thing, I want to navigate the Listeners Peak to set the audience listview both who are online and those are offline but they have already downloaded the App. I want to make this component to show in numbers so everyone who is using the App can see the numbers of listeners who are currently listening online and also I want to show the numbers of listeners who are offline.

Kindly may someone help me how to do this! Is there any extension am I supposed to use or?

Feel Free to Download the AIA here File and see how can you solve this to make it work professionally.

I don’t think you it suits the category, it’s a question…
Thus I am changing it to discuss category…


First it is called Kodular not Makeroid. You can not expect that someone downloads, imports and fixes your aia for you. Post your blocks if you want help.